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Jual HT Motorola CP 1660 Pusat Jual Handy Talky Motorola CP 1660

Jual HT Motorola CP 1660 Pusat Jual Handy Talky Motorola CP 1660 Dealer Resmi HT Motorola CP 1660 Tempat Jual Handy Talky Motorola CP 1660 

Jual HT Motorola CP 1660 Pusat Jual Handy Talky Motorola CP 1660 Harga MurahJual HT Motorola CP 1660 Pusat Jual Handy Talky Motorola CP 1660 Harga Murah

HT Motorola CP 1660

Ideal for light manufacturing, retail, hospitality and real estate management, the Motorola CP1660 commercial radio brings you quality features you need at a competitive price.
  • Built-in simple voice scrambling for increased privacy.
  • Built-in DTMF signalling provides caller identification and private communication.
  • Full Keypad provides easy accessibility to change channels or place a selective call (DTMF signalling)
  • VOX ready for hands-free communication so users can focus on the job at hand.
  • The 99 channels allow users to organise their work teams into different talk groups, increasing the flexibility of the radios.

  • Tighter specifications provide enhanced rejection of interference so you can get your message through clearly.
  • X-pand technology provides crisp, clear and strong audio quality in a noisy environment.
  • Li-Ion battery provides more than 11 hours of battery life at high power to meet the demands of your employee’s work shift.

Easy to Use
  • User programmable features allow customization of radio profile while on the go.
  • 5 progammable buttons enabling easy, one touch access for up to a 10 user-selectable features.
  • The light weight and compact design allows easy handling.

DTMF Signalling
Number of channels

Physical Characteristics

Weight (with standard battery)
335 gms (with LiIon battery), 394.5 gms (with NiMH battery), 342 gms ( with Hicap LiIon battery)
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
120 mm x 55 mm x 35.5mm (with LiIon battery)
120 mm x 55 mm x 36.5mm (with NiMH battery)
120 mm x 55 mm x 40.7mm (with Hicap LiIon battery)

Performance Characteristics

Battery life (standby)
Up to 11 hours @5:5:90 cycle with LiIon battery at High Power
Up to 9 hours @5:5:90 cycle with NiMH battery at High Power
Up to 16 hours @5:5:90 cycle with LiIon (Hicap) battery at High Power
Frequency range

User Environment

Mil spec
810 C, D, E, F

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